Friday, October 28, 2011

Deep Chocolate Cupcake with Raspberry Frosting

I was debating what cupcakes to make for my husband's bowling team (properly named Cupcake Massacre) and was talking with some friends about recipes. I wanted to do something new. I haven't done a new recipe in a while, and the fall/winter season is a great time to add spices to cupcakes and work on different frosting flavors. My friend, PaTrice, suggested a cupcake recipe found here and the frosting recipe found here. After looking through my pantry and the recipes, I had to alter the recipes slightly. The cupcakes came out very complex, but rather tasty (or so I was told). I topped them with my own raspberry frosting and Halloween Peeps for the Halloween season.


  1. Mmm...the raspberry frosting sounds SO good!

    On a side note, I attempted to make your pumpkin spice cupcakes & it was a beyond epic FAIL :( You need to move back to SoCal so I can buy some off you!

  2. I wonder what went wrong. I've used that recipe over and over again. I am now doing cupcakes in a jar (as you can see from this post) and I think the pumpkin ginger would do well in a jar. If you're interested let me know!