Thursday, July 22, 2010

Chocolate Covered Coffee Meltaway Cupcakes

This was supposed to be Chocolate Covered Mint Meltaway Cupcakes, but I forgot the mint at the store. So, I went with coffee instead! I know mint would have been absolutely perfect for this recipe, but I know coffee goes very well with chocolate, too. Especially the way I do it. :)

This recipe was for a co-worker's birthday, which is actually next week. Since I will be gone next week, I will -not be able to bake for everybody, but I wanted to give her a little something for her birthday. I asked her what she wanted and she gave me a look as if to say "Um, duh?" Her answer was chocolate, chocolate, and more chocolate, which really should have been obvious to me! This recipe is perfect! Let's see: Chocolate? Check. Chocolate? Check. And chocolate? Check! This recipe makes 12 large cupcakes, but I only did a half batch for 6 large cupcakes. For some reason, these cupcakes (AGAIN!!) deflated in the center. I used brand new baking soda and baking powder. But, I have a solution! I flipped the cupcakes over, cut off the edges (that overflowed!!) and worked it that way!

See how the cupcake centers deflated?? I don't know why this keeps happening!!

The following is the recipe.

1 batch of Classic Chocolate Cupcakes, found here.
Make the cupcakes as the recipe says. (But, of course, since my friend likes chocolate, I added about 4 or 5 oz of chocolate chips to the batter!)

1 batch of fudge sauce, found here.
1 tsp mint extract (I used 2* tsp of instant coffee in the heavy whipping cream.
    * 2 tsp for a 1/2 batch of filling)
Make the filling as the recipe says, add the coffee with the cream or the extract with the chocolate. Let the filling cool in the fridge for 1 1/2 hours

Chocolate Cover:
2 batches of fudge sauce, found here.
Make the filling as the recipe says. Make the chocolate covering right before you cover the cupcakes so it's hot and easy to cover the cupcakes.

2 oz white chocolate
1 tsp honey
1 tbsp heavy whipping cream
Microwave for 45 seconds, stir. Microwave for an additional 45 seconds and hand-whip until smooth and there are no more clumps.

Cut the cupcakes in half horizontally. Hand-whip the filling so it's fluffy and spreadable. Spread the filling on the bottom half of the cupcake. (I used the top of the cupcake as the bottom of the cupcake.) Place the top of the cupcake on top of the filling. Cover the cupcakes with the chocolate covering, thoroughly. Don't feel like you have to use all of the sauce, but definitely do a couple of layers and make sure everything is covered. I placed the cupcakes on a wire rack and had a piece of parchment paper underneath to let the chocolate drip off, but the bottoms of the cupcake are not covered in chocolate this way. If you want the bottoms covered in chocolate, freeze the covered cupcakes for an hour, flip them over, then cover the bottoms generously. Freeze the cupcakes for another hour before flipping them upright again. I drizzled the white chocolate generously on top. Freeze or refrigerate until serving, then serve with a fork (or a spoon)!

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  1. OMG! Those look amazing! Next time make a bigger batch! And share with your mom! :-)