Thursday, May 20, 2010

Ideas are forming.....

Cupcakes, to me, are the perfect dessert or snack. They are the right size that you could potentially fill up on just one, but are small enough that nobody even thinks twice about someone taking a second cupcake!

When I was a child, I didn't like sweets all that much, and I still prefer a ripe fruit to a sweet cookie. When I was asked if I wanted a cupcake, I would say "I don't like them." But turn around, take the frosting off the cupcake and ask if I want a 'muffin,' I would gladly say "Yes, please!" I have since learned that frosting (in moderation) can actually improve a sometimes boring cupcake. I'm still not big on sweets, but I take great satisfaction in watching other people enjoy the sweets I bake. I love decorating, but have never taken a decorating class; I like to think of myself as a creative and artistic person. I like to tweak the decorating just a little and make the dessert my own.

When I saw the movie "Julie and Julia" and Julie said that she never finished any projects, my husband nudged me and smiled. I'm the same way, I start something and never finish it -- Just ask my sister! ;) I'm not trying to copy anyone's idea or start an uproar, I just like her goal. Where Julie used a Julia Child cookbook, I am going to be baking cupcakes (to start) and maybe some other desserts. I will state which book I am using for each recipe, and give the author their credit. I guess I just wanted to do something and stick to it. So once a week (or more) I will sit down and make a batch, or a half-batch, of cupcakes, blog about the cupcakes and the experience, and snap photos! So far, to start I have about 55-60 cupcake recipes, so this will take more than a year if I do one batch a week. We shall see how it goes.

On the right is a list of the cupcakes I want to start with. It's listed alphabetically because I'm not sure which order they should go in. I will be choosing one recipe a week, and working from there. I will make a note next to the recipe, once I have completed it. If you want me to do a certain recipe for next week, just post a comment. If I get a ton of requests, I will bake the one with the most requests.

UPDATE 5/21: I have added a new list of cupcakes I have baked. I will remove the cupcake from the To Do list and add it to the Done list.

UPDATE 7/18: The To Do list has moved to the top of the page, along with the Done list. Both of these lists have links to where you can buy the cookbook, or the website you can find the recipe on. If you are looking for the recipes I have blogged about, with comments and photos, click on the Nicole's Recipes link at the top. The same goes for the recipes Tanya has blogged about, click Tanya's Recipes.

Feel free to comment, ask questions, give suggestions, and what-not; I'm always looking for those who share my love of baking and cupcakes!

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